Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dungarees- Topshop
Shoes- JuJu Via Topshop
Bag- Mulberry
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

I realise I have Blogged 2 post's in the same day, but I really wanted to get back into this, and am going to make sure I do Blog more regularly!
I love the fact the weather has been a lot better recently so I can get out my "JuJu" shoes without scary looks and wear bright colours again! I cant believe today we had our first BBQ of the year too, I have recently turned veggie, so I don't know why I was excited for a bit of BBQ'd fish but still, summers coming! :)
I got this Dungaree suit yesterday In London from Topshop, I love how bright it is and is soooo loose and comfy so will be so perfect for the summer! But its one of those Items from Topshop I'm hoping doesn't come into the Portsmouth store, as everrrrrryone will buy it and that's one of my pet hates, as everyone around here wears the same! I love my jelly shoes, they are the comfiest things and remind me of when I was like 5 years old but there brilliant!
I cant wait to get back in to commenting on all your amazing blogs, hope you all have a great Bank Holiday weekend! :)


Two-Piece Set - Topshop
Blazer- Topshop
Shoes- Zara
Bag- Mulberry.

Hiiiii.. I haven't blogged in such a long time, I don't know why, I just haven't had the motivation to Blog.. But I really want to get back into it, as I look at everyone's blogs all the time, and I just love it!
Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday when I went to see My Dream Lady Beyonce..  She was the most incredible woman I have ever seen in my life, it sounds sad but Honestly I cant even describe what she was really like. I got the most amazing photo of her figure up close, which I posted on Twitter and she is such an amazing woman! Her outfits she wore too were just Oh my...
Anyway ha, I got this outfit from Topshop! I just loved the colour and print .. now I'm not really one who loves getting my legs out as I hate them sosososo much and actually dread summer just for the fact people pay attention to them as there obviously out, but this didn't look right with tights so I braved it (even though I do realise how badly I do need a tan!!).  My shoes are from Zara, there soooo comfy and I love how classic they look!
Oh and My little doggy Harvey is a new addition to the family, so thought I'd involve him in my Blog!