Friday, 25 January 2013

Coat- Topshop
Jumper- Topshop
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Office
Bag- Alexander Wang.

This is an outfit I wore out to dinner this evening with my friend. I apologise  for the awful photo's I am so un-photogenic and look awful haha!
My jacket I got in the sale in Topshop, I did originally like this when it was full price but didn't want to spend that much so waited till it went to £50 and used student discount too ha!
I've had these jeans for a while but love all the rips but have to admit they aren't too practical in this weather at the moment, its soooo cold!! But oh well!
Ive realised I'm starting to live in these shoes now but I love them so much and they are soooo comfy so I can't help it ha!
Anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Matching Jacket and Shorts - Topshop
Top- Topshop
Shoes- Office
Coat- Mink-Pink at Urban Outfitters.

This is an outfit I wore out last night for a meal with Lewis and my friend Chloe and her Boyf Lewis. We went down Port-Solent for a meal and a few drinks so didn't want to go tooo dressy but I bought this recently and been waiting for a time to wear it! Due to the weather recently its caused such inconvenience, with footwear! Nothing I have gone to wear has been seen as "sensible" or "appropiate" and its really annoying! 

I bought this little outfit from Topshop and really love it, I love two-pieces  but really loved the colours too and know I'll be able to wear this alot.
This week I have bought 3 shaggy and fur jackets which is really bad but this Mink-Pink one I love. It was orignally £140 I think and I got it for £40 in the sale! So I really had to buy it! 
My shoes were also a complete barg, I went to Southsea flea market a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with these when Heli was modelling them, Copy I know and I don't usually do that, but when she told me they were only £20, I thought it would be silly not to steal them bargs! 

Anyway I hope everyone is enjoying their "snowed-in" days off work ha,  at least something good comes from this snow :)


Friday, 11 January 2013

Spring/Summer '13.. ALREADY?

Seeing as I work full time in the week with a Uniform, I cant really post outfits until the Weekends when I get to wear normal clothes again! So thought I'd post about some looks and trends I have seen this week that are all coming in ready for Spring/Summer 2013! It's so mad how quickly seasons come around as its so cold at the moment I cant even think about Summer, but after seeing a few of these I actually cant wait!

1) "Marc Jacobs" Spring/Summer 2013
I looooooove this Spring/Summer 2013 look soso much! This dress is quite possibly one of the most amazing dress's I've seen but is obviously a "dream" buy. I love all the Black white 'Monochrome' looks this season, but this dress is something special in my eyes!

2) "White IS Right" - Topshop

Okay so this is a little more realistic! :) I have a real thing for "Two pieces" so this really caught my eye whilst browsing. Although I love winter Fashion, I have to say I cant wait to start buying all my summer bits. I don't usually wear a lot of white, but after looking through this trend I love so much of it like the Crochet dresses, and love a pair of chunky white ankle boots too so cant wait for pay day!

3) "MSGM" Italian Spring/Summer 2013

Here the prints and pattern just caught my eye and really has got me in the Summer mood!  I love all the colours and  everything about this Look and this is a real dream Holiday outfit!

4) Topshop - Latte Fringed Maxi Cover Up
Im thinking its far to early to be thinking about Cover Ups, Bikinis etc, but I do personally think this is Amazing and am pretty in love with this! Its £65, which I think is sooo expensive to wear "around the pool" but I think you'd get away with wearing this as a Summer dress anyway?!

I'm going to have to stop looking at all these Summer clothes really, as I am still enjoying buying the Winter bits like fur, shaggy jackets and boots at the moment, but thought I would post this anyway, just to have a good nose ready for next season :)!


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My First Ever Blog :) ...

Wearing - Jumper, Trousers and Shoes- Topshop.
Bag- Alexander Wang.
Photos stolen from Heli!

Ok so this is my first ever blog! I'm so excited since seeing Heli and how amazing her blogs and clothes are ALL the time and finally decided to put my own together! This is an outfit I wore last Saturday to Heli's Flea market which she runs in Southsea. It had the best bargains and really good finds by the way and  managed to get myself a lovely top and scarf! I got this Jumper for Christmas and love it so so much. I am really into all the fur and shaggy style at the moment and feel this Jumper is perfect, however it does malt everywhere and My mum isn't too impressed finding fur around our house!
 I got my trousers in Topshop also. I really love the "Galactic" style and have actually got the matching Blazer which is amaze too! My bag is my pride and joy at the moment, I'm really into handbags and love the studded detail on the bottom of the "Wang" bags and was so happy when I got this for my birthday!

P.S Please apologise for how Un-Photogenic I am, maybe ill get used to photos throughout my Blog ha!