Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cape Verde: Outfit Three

Dress- Zara
Flower Crown- Heli at Southsea Flea Market
Shoes- Ebay
Bag- Zara

This dress is one of my first dress's from Zara. Literally bought it ages ago for holiday, worn it once (this exact time) and got home to see its in the sale... wooooo! Haha. Every night me and Lew would get all dressed up, go for dinner, have a drink after and then go to bed really early haha, seems so silly when you think about it, but I think you should always dress up on holiday, and its the best excuse to buy soo many clothes! Oh and the flower crown is again from Heli, she's so clever at making these and her mum made me the most amazing two-peice which I will also post, they amaze me with there clever minds and talents haha!!
Outfit four to come :):)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cape Verde: Outfit Two

Dungarees- Topshop
Neon Clutch - Zara
Shoes- Ebay

Outfit Number twoooooo! Posting these are making me so depressed as my holiday seems a lifetime ago and it was only like 3 weeks ago but now I'm back to reality its all sad! :(
Just to warn you, I seemed to wear these shoes a lot as they went with pretty much everything, although I did take loads of shoes with me but these are so comfy...
I love this clutch, it was such a bargain from Zara too, you'll see I seem to wear loads from Zara in my next few posts, but there summer stuff I thought was so good this year so I seemed to buy everything.. oops!
Outfit three will be up shortly!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cape Verde - Outfit One

Jumpsuit- Topshop
Flower Crown- Made by Heli
Bag- Ted Baker
Shoes- E'Bay Bargains

This is the first outfit post from my Holiday. I went to Cape Verde with my boyfriend for 2 weeks and thought it would be a good opportunity to get some posts done for my Blog! So every night I'd make Lew take a couple of snaps haha. This Jumpsuit I have had literally months and never wore it until I went away and thought its a good first night outfit as I wasn't tanned at all at this stage haha.
I will post Outfit number two!

Monday, 15 July 2013

GoGo Philip Blog Event

Beaded and Seqiun Jacket- Topshop
Neon Shorts- Topshop
Vest- Topshop
Sunglasses-  Southsea Flea Market made by Bethany Fray
Rainbow Platforms- Schuh

Okay.. So last week my Good friend Heli text me asking if I wanted to come to a Blog event with her, I was so excited but had the biggest dilemma of what to wear! It was the GoGo Philip party at the store in London and it was so much fun! The Jewellery was amazing and I treated myself to these beaut pink earings which I'm in love with!
My Outfit I wore is pretty much all from Topshop, I love neon at the moment and the weather recently has made it pretty acceptable to wear! My jacket was found online and I'm loving this at the moment, its soooo heavy though and i was literally so hot but didn't want to carry it haha!.
The Sunglasses are made by Bethany Fray, her twitter is @BethanyFray and there literally amazing. These are actually Heli's pair but I have bought a pair too from the last flea market and have been wearing them to death! So you should all check her sunnies out as there amazzze and London seemed to love them.

I really need to get in the habit of blogging again and have some posts to do from my holiday recently, so I'm going to do my best and promise I'll post them very soon! :):)