Friday, 11 January 2013

Spring/Summer '13.. ALREADY?

Seeing as I work full time in the week with a Uniform, I cant really post outfits until the Weekends when I get to wear normal clothes again! So thought I'd post about some looks and trends I have seen this week that are all coming in ready for Spring/Summer 2013! It's so mad how quickly seasons come around as its so cold at the moment I cant even think about Summer, but after seeing a few of these I actually cant wait!

1) "Marc Jacobs" Spring/Summer 2013
I looooooove this Spring/Summer 2013 look soso much! This dress is quite possibly one of the most amazing dress's I've seen but is obviously a "dream" buy. I love all the Black white 'Monochrome' looks this season, but this dress is something special in my eyes!

2) "White IS Right" - Topshop

Okay so this is a little more realistic! :) I have a real thing for "Two pieces" so this really caught my eye whilst browsing. Although I love winter Fashion, I have to say I cant wait to start buying all my summer bits. I don't usually wear a lot of white, but after looking through this trend I love so much of it like the Crochet dresses, and love a pair of chunky white ankle boots too so cant wait for pay day!

3) "MSGM" Italian Spring/Summer 2013

Here the prints and pattern just caught my eye and really has got me in the Summer mood!  I love all the colours and  everything about this Look and this is a real dream Holiday outfit!

4) Topshop - Latte Fringed Maxi Cover Up
Im thinking its far to early to be thinking about Cover Ups, Bikinis etc, but I do personally think this is Amazing and am pretty in love with this! Its £65, which I think is sooo expensive to wear "around the pool" but I think you'd get away with wearing this as a Summer dress anyway?!

I'm going to have to stop looking at all these Summer clothes really, as I am still enjoying buying the Winter bits like fur, shaggy jackets and boots at the moment, but thought I would post this anyway, just to have a good nose ready for next season :)!



  1. that Topshop dress is gorgeous! Could definately be worn as a summer dress too. you've got yourself a new follower :)

  2. Omg that girl in head to toe aztec looks Amazinggg, also love the mixed whites and I totaly get your title its amazing how quickly the fashion world moves were still in winter but spring summer collections are out aha i guess fashion never sleeps! Lovely post dear just love your blog your outfits are so unique and always gorgeous definately following xox