Sunday, 24 February 2013

London Fashion Weekend.

Fringed Kimono - Topshop
Dungarees- NastyGal
Polo Neck- Topshop
Shoes- Underground

These are two of my favourite dresses seen in the Show we went to at London Fashion Weekend. Obviously I didn't take these pictures, my camera was so bad in there the lighting just wouldn't work! They were within the trend 'Graphic Art' and are both by David Koma and are extremely out of my price range. Graphic Art was a lovely trend and full of great colours and got me all excited for Summer. There were also some amazing pieces within this line from the High Street such as Topshop, so Im def keeping my eyes peeled!

Zoe Hardman presented the Catwalk shows and looked lovely! Her Jumpsuit was  from Reiss and  she looked a beaut!

Okay so on Saturday I went to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House with my mummy :)! We had a lovely day walking round and seeing all the amazing clothes that we still couldn't afford even though were discounted ha! I bought a shop and the lot ticket so were entitled to see the Catwalk Trend show, which showed us 4 trends for Spring/Summer '13.  It was sooooo cold up in London on Saturday, and me being me didn't really wear an appropriate outfit.. oops!
I love this Kimono from Topshop, its actually a cover up, but I couldn't justify paying that sort of money purely for a cover-up so thought I'd get some use out of it now :) My Dungarees are Nasty Gal, I love Nasty Gal so much and don't stop looking on their website but unfortunately the Customs and Delivery always prevent me from being a more regular customer!

My Camera wasn't working too well so I didn't manage to take many photos, which was annoying as I saw some of the most amazing clothes and people there, and just love seeing everyone's unique style!

They were lovely trends and really got me excited for the summer, and as you can see I found two of the dresses from the trend 'Graphic Art'. This trend was full of amazing colours and prints and patterns and was just great to see all the patterns people pair together! Another amazing trend was Urban Lifestyle, which they said was outfits you can pair for work and still look amaze, they were true as some of them were incredible and even better a lot of the items within this trend were High Street, so will definitely be more affordable haha! There was also Eastern Promise, which was basically loads of amazing Kimonos, head pieces and really unique jewellery and accessories which was lovely, and finally Dolls House, that was as you can imagine a really pretty trend with lots of pink, bows and things like that! The models depressed me, they were such beauts and looked just amaze.

It was a lovely day but just made me wish I managed to get up there last week for LFW so I'm definitely making sure I do in September!
Sorry for the rubbish photos once again.


  1. You look frikkin amazing paige, love your hair like that! Xxx

  2. Love, Love, Love your dungarees you look soooo good!! xx

  3. I went today too and couldn't afford any of the discounted clothes but they were nice to look at ha. It was so cold but you look lovely x

  4. This is such a a gorgeous look, love your dungarees.

    Lola xx

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  6. You look so good here Paige. Love your blog, will definitely be keeping an eye on it.
    I just started my own, would appreciate a follow haha!