Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cape Verde: Outfit Three

Dress- Zara
Flower Crown- Heli at Southsea Flea Market
Shoes- Ebay
Bag- Zara

This dress is one of my first dress's from Zara. Literally bought it ages ago for holiday, worn it once (this exact time) and got home to see its in the sale... wooooo! Haha. Every night me and Lew would get all dressed up, go for dinner, have a drink after and then go to bed really early haha, seems so silly when you think about it, but I think you should always dress up on holiday, and its the best excuse to buy soo many clothes! Oh and the flower crown is again from Heli, she's so clever at making these and her mum made me the most amazing two-peice which I will also post, they amaze me with there clever minds and talents haha!!
Outfit four to come :):)


  1. This dress is gorgeous and looks so stunning on you! So jealous of your tan x

  2. Perfection , you look sooo gorgeous xx

  3. Dress is absolutely gorgeous
    S xxx

  4. This dress is lovely - you look so tanned!

  5. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! please take a look on my blog for more info :) xx

  6. Woah you're so tanned, gorgeous! The shoes and clutch really compliments the dress!